Slim System Cutter Plus

Hand cutting system with connectable guides.

For hand cutting, large format porcelain, between 3mm & 10mm thick.

Cutting capacity of 310cm. extendable as needed with additional guides.
Facilitates a straight cut without deviations.
Offers high quality performance.
Progressive separation of the material, reducing the risk of breakage.
Cutting capacity of up to 310cm. Extendable as needed with additional guides.
With silicone cords incorporated in the guides at its base & the fixing suction pads, the SLIM SYSTEM guarantees accurate straight cuts without deviation.
Tungsten carbide roller with titanium treatment bearing of Ø22mm to offer a high performance and quality cut.
Separation system, by means of adjustable pincers, which ensure a gradual separation of the tile, thus reducing risk of breakage.
The set consists of:
- 3 110cm guides.
- 1 roller guide with Ø22mm bearing.
- 2 spreader pincers.
- 2 suction pads.
- Reinforced nylon carrying case.


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